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Ultra Slim Stage Rental LED Display

Light: Cabinet size 480mm*480mm, only about 8kgs comparing to more than 50 kg of common cabinet. Saving time and labor cost.
Thin: It is die-casting aluminum cabinet, thus it is featured by high strength, toughness, precision and it is hard to be deformed. The edge is just 33mm comparing to the 160mm of common cabinet.
Fast: There is fast locking device in four corners. It takes only 10 seconds to assemble one cabinet by pushing the handle 90 degree. It is fast and precise assembling.
Easy: The cabinet is modular designed, each cabinet of the screen can be easily dismantled and assembled(replaced). 
Compatible: New structure design satisfies hoisting and ground-support assembling. P4, P5, P6 are compatible.
Low: Excellent heat dissipation design, no fans and air conditioning are required. Low noise, light weight, low cost for transportation and assembling without tools with low cost for assembling