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Expand your Business Online.......with a website that works !
How do you expand your own business online with the Kwikwap business opportunity?

Our superior, fast and easy website design tool uses a variety of modules which make it possible to set up a complete e-commerce website within an hour. Our network of sales agents and web design consultants extends to most of South Africa so you can be assured of personal onsite attention.

For a fixed fee of only R3,500 (Excluding Vat), you get a professionally designed website (and training, if required)

There is no catch, so why is it so cheap? This is not the world's first website design software, but we made 100% sure that it is the easiest! Because our system is so user friendly, we can use normal people to develop your website. No longer do you have to pay a highly skilled developer to design or update your website. We speak your language!

Our monthly fees range between R69 and R200 (+VAT). This fee includes access to the online tool, hosting, upgrades as well as direct support from your personal web consultant.