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Kahlel Travel &; Tours is an affiliate of Travelstart. When you search for flights with us, you'll get results from all the major international airlines and low-cost carriers, neatly displayed in one table – lowest prices first of course - so that you can compare costs with ease and find that perfect ticket that works with your schedule and budget. Once you’ve decided on the best flight for you, book and pay online in one seamless transaction – you can do the same to reserve your hotel and rental car too! Taking the hassle of out of your travel planning, our team of dedicated agents work around the clock to assist you with any changes, queries or concerns you might have, so you can focus on the fun stuff.                               

Need a little help in planning your adventure? When your epic trip is not as simple as booking a flight and getting to the airport on time, call up  KahlelTravelBar, our hands-on industry experts who will give you personalised assistance in creating customised packages, car rentals, accommodation, stopovers and more. Not only can they save you time, a lot of money and stress in planning your voyage, their incredible attention to detail and immense travel knowledge will ensure your trip runs smoothly, from advising you on visa requirements and any vaccines you may need to helping you find a B&B that suits your budget. 


 Find, compare and book all with airlines - online and with ease

No hidden costs or taxes, completely transparent pricing

Expert assistance by our dedicated team of travel consultants - 

Just like being your own Travel Agent....